Drailou the Orun Dragon God.

The Ten Rules of Drailou were rules for the Dragon God of the Town Orun,Drailou.He is a mythical Dragon God that people from Orun used to believe on.The Ten Rules was created by Olzi Drun,a wizard capable of many fire spells.The Ten Rules of Drailous lasted from 1678-1704.

The Ten Rules of Drailou Edit

1.Never Disrespect the Honor the Dragon God Himself gives you

2.Do not Make Yourself Equal to the Dragon God Himself.

3.Do not try to Challenge the Dragon God Himself as he Will put you In a curse Forever.

4.Never Make a Cult against the Dragon God Himself as he will banish you from Orun.

5.Never enter the Dragon God's home of wisdom as he will Pull fire on you.

6.Always do what the Dragon God says

7.Start Anarchy and he will rage with Fury towards you and turn you into a black widow

8.Honor what the Dragon God gives you

9.Do not do evil things just to get what you want.This makes the Dragon God and both depressed and angry with your evil decisions,keep doing this and you will feel his fury

10.Never shall you rebel against the Dragon God's orders he shall banish you from this world.