Pumpii Wizarder
Pumpii Wizarder is a rad and chill,cool wizard dude and gunman who was born on October 30th,1754,on Wizardry and is a top chill member of the Wizard Cult of the Beam and of Pokleism.He also participated in the Pokle Town War on May 29th,1812.

Early Life Edit

Pumpii was born on October 30th,1754,on Wizardry and lived with 12 siblings,a mom named Ellie Wizarder,and a father named Graham Wizarder.He was highly educated in the Professor Hogwarts Elementary School and learned a lot on using spells.On November 15th,he moved to Locusten where he learned to use *SCREAM* spell and other magical spells,On January 28th,1763,he moved to Pokle Town and grew up there ever since.

Cults Edit

On February,1767,he joined a wizard cult on Pokle Town called Wizard Cult of BeamTown,it was an advanced cult with great technique spells and was the rad,chill,cool,and top member of the cult,they have been invaded though.Pumpii and a Mentor named Henry Aldorf stop them from coming,they do end up killing some of the members there.On June 7th,1788,The cult was invaded by three members of the Pain House and at least 6 of the cult members were shot and killed,The cult was completely destroyed and dead,even Pumpii's favorite mentor,Henry Aldorf was one of the Six who died during the invasion.In order to avenge his favorite mentor,he snuck and shot the three Pain House members and killed them,Dolzo was angry at this and made enemies with Pumpii.On December 10th,1810,He joined the religion called Pokleism,a meme-worthy religion.He is still in this religion along with his pal and leader Pokle the Meme.

The Pokle Town War Edit

Pumpii has participated on The Pokle Town War on May 29th,1812.On June 17th,1812,Pumpii and Santa Doge snuck into the Pain House Mansion and stole some of their gold.Pokle planned to shoot some that fled the building.A member named Henry Henry saw them and warned the others,Pumpii shot Henry Henry in the chest and killed him.Santa Doge fled the building and Pokle shot those who were coming downstairs.At least 26 members were shot and killed.On August 11th,he fled from a fire caused by Dolzo Edwin,leader of the Pain House.

Battle of Wizardry Edit

On April 10th,1762,The Battle of Wizardry occured,It was a small battle of Wizards,Pumpii participated on it On April 11th,and was told to lead a group of citizens to a peaceful area.He found himself ambushed with 4 enemy wizards.Pumpii used lava spells on 2 of them and used *SCREAM* spells on the rest to get away.They had to take off their shoes on the way to Don Uni,On April 24th,Pumpii and the citizens finally made it to Don Uni with their shoes taken off.

Importance Edit

He was famous for participating and being skilled with spells on Wizardry,He was also famous and known for being on the Pokle Town War and for being the top rad members of the religion Pokleism and today in 2017,he makes youtube videos,usually gaming and skits,but check out his channel it's super cool

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