Linkachu's first time at the Kolter Hotel in 1801

Linkachu is a businessman and merchant who was born on May 7th,1767.He was a target and an enemy of the deadly group known as the Pain House,especially with the leader named Dalzo Edwin.He was also the boss of his employee Pokle the Meme.

Early Life Edit

Linkachu was born on May 7th,1767,at Teepot,a very residential and busy town.His father was unknown but was a businessman and a famous merchant.He was a middle class family and did well in his education.

Death Edit

While in May 26th,1812,going to the caves of majestia with Pokle,linkachu was ambushed by two Members of the Pain House and was shot in the front by Greg Sharsnark.This caused the Pokle Town War to start.He died for the good of his friend,Pokle the Meme.