Lansley Edwin

Lansley Edwin taking his first mansion photo on March 27th,1745.

Lansley Edwin is a businessman,merchant,and evil rich owner of a mansion who treated(especially his kids)almost everyone like robots.He was born on April 4th,1736.But where he was born was unknown.

Early Life Edit

He was born on April 4th,1736 as an orphan and was highly educated with math and reading.On March 6th,1746.He had his first child named Uni Edwin who moved to Locusten to study law there.His sixth child was just like him,greedy,evil,vicious,and rich.He was also a cat just like him.

Business Edit

Lansley Edwin worked as a businessman and has workers who he payed little money to.He makes 160 billion dollars each month for donating to the rich.On September 27th,1768 he made his rival company,Bill Rights go bankrupt due to tax evasion issues.

Family Edit

Lansley has 11 children total,his favorite is Dalzo Edwin,a businessman and merchant.He treats all of them with little respect and is really grumpy and stubborn.He has a wife named,Tiffany Edwin,a beautiful woman with kind and honest personality.

Death Edit

While Shopping and getting groceries on March 26th,The year was unknown.He ended up walking towards two gang members.Lansley tried to flee from the members but ended up getting shot in the back of the head.This made Dalzo Edwin angry and full with revenge.