ALLEN is a fictional villain for Phil and Kirby that will be in Episode 3 of the series,he is basically a yellow criminal with tricks and a thief.I haven't thought of his early life yet but whatever I will post it as one of the headings right now.He is the first villain to appear in the Pokle series Phil and Kirby.

Early Life Edit

It was unknown when Allen was born but he was born on a magical place called Unilandia.His mother and his father ditched him,which he then assumed that nobody loved him so he then robbed banks in Unilandia and was really tricky that he was both shifty and tricky.This made Allen soon an outlaw and moved to a town called Pokle Town,where Phil lived,in there he then robbed banks and continued to be a villain for money.

Ability Edit

Allen doesn't want skill he wants luck,one of his abilities is to quick dash,he can also often teleport to different places,and can freeze time making it easier for him to get away.

Prison Escape Edit

Allen was once arrested on Unilandia and sent to prison for 4 years,He is incredible at escaping high speeds,So in day 6,he planned his escape at night.He froze time and dashed through the iron bars to grab the guard's keys and to escape by using the door.

Appearence Edit

Once Pokle gets the yellow pikmin plush he will then start to use Allen as his first villain for Phil and Kirby.So be patient you monkeys.